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Heidi Sze and Baby JoanMeet Heidi Sze, the nutritional genius and wondermum behind digital food diary Apples Under My Bed. Heidi strives for integrity in her cooking and eating- favouring real, wholesome ingredients over processed foods. Growing up in Red Hill, Victoria, she’s always had access to high quality local produce, and food prepared with passion, thanks to her parents. We had a look inside her fridge, and asked for a few tips on how Heidi balances motherhood and healthy eating.

What’s in your fridge (either right now, or ordinarily)?

  • Milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter (I’m clearly not dairy free).
  • A load of orange juice (Nudie brand, made with just oranges!) leftover from a brunch I held the other week.
  • Cooked quinoa, for lunch purposes.
  • Salad greens.
  • Carrots.
  • Hummus.
  • Leftover sweet potato and grilled chicken.
  • Some bolognaise I am defrosting for dinner.
  • Endless condiments – mustard, jams, chutneys, Tabasco.
  • My probiotic capsules.

Nutritionist Heidi Sze

What are your top 5 ingredients we’d find in there and why?

  • Butter – I cannot get enough. Since first visiting France 12 years ago and tasting real butter, it’s been one of my favourite foods.
  • Leaves – rocket, spinach, radicchio, whatever looks good at our local shops or is in our CSA farm box. I adore dark leafy greens and eat them in my salads at lunch or throw them into dinner somehow.
  • Eggs – I used to leaves eggs on the counter but heading into warmer weather I throw them into the fridge so they last longer. They’re used less for baking these days (I’m finding myself too busy to bake like I used to with a newborn) and more for lunch purposes.
  • Milk – I love making porridge with full cream milk, it keeps me full and tastes amazing. I also love a smoothie regularly, and use milk in those.
  • Yoghurt – I’m a yoghurt girl through and through – serve me plain, Greek or natural yoghurt with toasted nuts and seeds and a good spoonful of honey, thank you!

Now we’ve had a peak in your fridge, let’s get to know you a little better! What’s your day on a plate? 

Breakfast: Greek/natural yoghurt with some sort of nut/seed/oat mix – granola, toasted nuts and some rolled oats, whatever I have on hand. And coffee! Black French press style or if I’m out, a latte.


Lunch: Sourdough toast with avocado and a fried egg, or a salad with quinoa, leftover roasted veg and olive oil-packed tinned salmon.

Dinner: This could be salad like at lunch, pasta (pesto and chicken, bolognaise, tomato-based, tuna with chilli and lemon…), one of my husband’s stirfries with rice, slow-cooked lamb or beef meals with polenta or couscous, or steak with roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli and bagna cauda sauce.

Snacks: nuts, smoothies, fruit, cheese. You’re highly likely to find me with a spoon + jar of natural nut butter mid-afternoon.

Heidi Sze Apples Under My Bed

What eating advice would you give for other breastfeeding mums?

Follow your hunger cues and don’t be surprised if you’re ravenous – making milk is hard work!

Be sure to eat regularly, as if you don’t you’ll be left feeling really drained.

Small, balanced meals are key – ones that can be eaten one handed! Boiled eggs, smoothies, nuts, fruit and avocado toast are saviours.

Oh and keeping well hydrated is very important, so be sure to drink a lot of water.

Heidi Sze NutritionistYour dad always seems to be baking you the most incredible sourdough loaves, as a nutritionist, what advice would you give to those avoiding bread?

Some people do have gluten or wheat allergies or severe intolerances. Thus I understand why they avoid bread, as most varieties are made with ingredients they cannot consume.

However there is a big difference between quality bread (the proper stuff like slow-fermented sourdough or other bread made with quality, fresh grains) and the white floppy stuff found in Supermarkets that is filled with preservatives and other stuff.

Before casting all bread aside, seek out a quality loaf and see how you feel eating that. Proper sourdough has a lower gluten content, and you can readily find loaves made with spelt flour, which many tolerate better than regular wheat flour.

What is your food philosophy? 

Quality produce, prepared simply.

I think it’s important to get to know your food – where it comes from, when it was harvested, how to best celebrate it…. And I love the Italian proverb –“ A tavola non si invecchia”, which roughly translates to “At the table with good friends and family you do not grow old.”

What would your last meal be?

Spaghetti alle vongole with salty honey ice-cream for dessert.

Heidi Sze


All images via Heidi’s blog Apples Under My Bed

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