Stock and Bone Broth – what’s the difference?

Beef Bone Broth vs Beef Stock

Stock. Bone Broth. Kissing cousins. Similar. Interchangeable, yet still not quite the same. What is the real difference between the two?

Whilst there’s no huge contrast between our Bone Broth and Stock varieties, there are a few significant differences that venture beyond the obvious packaging and price tag. But first, let’s look at what they have in common.


  • Both our stocks and bone broths are made the traditional way with high quality Australian ingredients. Real food. Our beef bones are always grass-fed, our chicken bones are always free-range.
  • Both our stocks and bone broths are gluten free and paleo friendly.
  • Neither contain any gluten, preservatives, colours, yeast extracts or other flavour enhancers (like “vegetable powders” or “vegetable extracts”).
  • Neither contain any added salt, meaning you control the seasoning.

Bearing such a striking resemblance, it could be tricky to see where one ends and the other begins. Here’s where our broths and stocks go their separate ways:


Chicken Stock vs. Chicken Bone Broth


Our stocks are simmered with market fresh vegetables and herbs for incredible depth of flavour, which makes them great and flavourful base for home cooking.

Our bone broths, on the other hand, are made with bones and bones alone, with no added vegetables or herbs. The lack of onion in our bone broths makes them ideal for those on low fodmap diets or with allergies.

Chicken Stock Ingredients: water, free range whole chicken and bones, onions, carrots, celery, rosmarinic acid (natural antioxidant), bay leaves.
Chicken Bone Broth Ingredients: water, free range chicken and chicken bones, apple cider vinegar, rosmarinic acid (natural antioxidant). 

Beef Stock Ingredients: water, grass-fed beef and beef bones, roasted carrots, tomato paste, roasted onions, celery, rosmarinic acid (natural antioxidant), bay leaves, black peppercorns.
Beef Bone Broth Ingredients: water, grass-fed beef and beef bones, apple cider vinegar, rosmarinic acid (natural antioxidant).


Our range of stocks are simmered between ten to twelve hours, resulting in a product with incredible depth of flavour and remarkable purity.

Our bone broths have super (super, super) long extraction time – 24 whole hours. This makes them extra-potent and chock full of minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Its high concentration of collagen means our beef bone broth turns to jelly when refrigerated. This long extraction time, coupled with an increased ratio of meat and bones to water, is the reason behind the price difference between the two stocks.

So, when should I use each?

We recommend enjoying our bone broth by the mug full with a pinch of salt to bring it to life. It’s high concentration means it’s great for very simple recipes such as soups and adds a huge nutrition boost to any meal.

Our stocks, while interchangeable with our broth, are great for any cooking application. The herbs and vegetables add a deep flavour suited to any savoury dish.

We hope this helps you understand the difference between our stocks and bone broths. However, while there are some differences, both are products of a philosophy we take very seriously at The Stock Merchant – integrity, authenticity and flavour. It’s real food, made from real ingredients.

Enjoy using our stocks and bone broths in abundance!


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