What To Do With Leftover Stock


What to do with leftover stock

Food waste. If there’s one thing that grinds our gears, throwing out perfectly good food that could have easily been re-purposed would have to be it.

Buying stock also be tricky because required amounts are so inconsistent across recipes. Does 750ml of chicken stock sound familiar? Our roasted pumpkin, quinoa and orange salad demands a cheeky 375ml of vegetable stock. What on earth are you supposed to to with the other 125ml?

What you shouldn’t do is throw it out, and what you can do is any of the following.

Freeze it

    • Befriend your ice-cube trays and never look back. Frozen stock lasts for up to a year and by freezing it into small portions, you’ll have a supply of flavourful cooking liquid that can defrost quickly.

You can also freeze your stock in larger portions in Ziploc bags or tupperware containers. Just be sure to clearly mark the date.

Get Creative

Wondering how to use your stock ice-cubes? The options are endless. A great option for when you need just a small extra splash of liquid and don’t want to open an entirely new stock packet. Simply pop them in the pot and allow them to defrost in with what you’re cooking.

  • Mashed potato. Use stock as you would any other liquid. Chicken stock is a real winner here.
  • Have you ever used up your two packages of stock in a soup and wished you had just a little teensy splash more? Catastrophic. Instead of water, your newly stored frozen stock will save the day. Pop as many in as needed and thin your soup without diluting the flavour.
  • Sauteeing vegetables. One or two cubes is often the perfect amount to add liquid and flavour.
  • Baby food. Single cubed portion of stock are a handy choice if you’re making just one meal at a time. Perfect for mashing into vegetables for great flavour without any added salt.
  • Reheating food. When reheating risottos, pasta dishes or stews, throw in a cube or two of leftover stock to prevent it drying out.

Have you got any tips for storing or using up excess stock? Tell us! We’d love to hear.

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