Presenting our Free Range Master Stock

The Stock Merchant is proud to launch an innovative new product – our Free Range Master Stock, made using a traditional Chinese recipe.

Master Stock is traditionally used in Chinese cuisine to marinate, braise and poach meats including chicken, duck and pork. Well known chefs including Neil Perry and Kylie Kwong use Master Stock extensively in their cooking.

To prepare the Master Stock, we simmer our Free Range Chicken Stock with soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, a touch of sugar and eight different spices including star anise, mandarin peel, ginger, cassia bark and Sichuan pepper.

The result is an authentic and ready to use Master Stock, perfect for poultry, beef, pork or tofu.

Following is a recipe that demonstrates just how easy it is to use Master Stock to make an absolutely delicious meal. We hope all of our customers enjoy this latest innovation from The Stock Merchant and would value your feedback on the product.

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2 Responses to Presenting our Free Range Master Stock

  1. June findlay says:

    My husband and I have been using our master stocks(chicken)for at least 10-12 yrs. our sake stock for 5 years and duck stock for 3 years. I’m just about to start a new duck stock as I have been using this so much without silly mistake. Take care June

    • The Stock Merchant says:

      Hi June, Sounds brilliant! We hope you enjoy using our Master Stock. We’ve know some people who have had Master Stocks for decades as well. It’s a fantastic tradition to follow.