Most commercial stocks add significant amounts of salt and other flavour enhancers like yeast extracts to boost their flavour.

We believe this isn’t giving cooks a fair deal. If you removed the salt and yeast extracts and “flavours” from other stocks on the market, in most cases you would be left with flavourless, coloured (and yet still expensive) water. Stocks are truly a product where you pay for what you get.

The Stock Merchant is proud that our stocks have absolutely no added salt, no yeast extracts and no other flavour enhancers. They are all 100% pure and natural, exactly how one would make stock at home.

The sodium levels of our three traditional stocks are as follows:

Free Range Chicken Stock – 23mg sodium per 100ml
Free Range Beef Stock – 21mg sodium per 100ml
Traditional Vegetable Stock – 9mg sodium per 100ml

In fact, our stocks have the lowest sodium level of any stock on the market which makes them perfect for people on low-sodium diets.

If you like eating food with a good amount of salt in it, make sure you season generously when using The Stock Merchant.

We love working with our small producers who provide us with the best, ethically raised ingredients. But we also love the fact that our products are truly pure and natural.

Always read the ingredients label and nutritional panel of any stock you might use – you might be surprised with the contents!