Here are some of the positive comments we receive about our products.

After doing the Paleo style diet for a few years it’s great to actually find some bone stock that is made the traditional way with virtually no additives – well done!! You have a customer for life.

I would like to commend you on the fresh, honest flavours and clean quality of your stocks. They are superior to any product currently available on the supermarket shelf. The fact that they are organically produced enhances the value; no need to worry about flavour enhancers or preservatives. My friends and I have enjoyed using them in our cooking, and the gravy tastes superb. It suits a variety of meats and is both flavoursome yet subtle.

We’re really excited that we don’t have to spend hours making salt-free stock for our baby anymore! We’ve used your stock in two dishes so far – a bean casserole and a risotto and they have both been absolutely delicious! (We added a little salt and pepper to ours, but so lovely to be able to share a meal that we can all share!).

OMG! – I have not been able to eat gravy since being diagnosed with IBS about 5 years ago. Recently I came across your range and in particular your Old Fashioned Gravy – I ate it last night on my lamb roast and it was delicious! But even better, I had no reaction after being unable to tolerate the additives, colours etc etc in commercially prepared gravy powder.

I don’t know how to thank you enough – I can now enjoy gravy again without worrying about the consequences later on. I also purchased your chicken stock and am hoping that I will have the same result with it.

You have made me very happy and I will be recommending your delicious products to all my friends. Thanks again.

We LOVED the Crab Stock – used it for a seafood risotto as per your recommendation, and it rocked. Similarly impressed by the Chicken Stock that we’ve now used in multiple ways and found it awesome.

I am excited to use the product. I am making baby food and really needed salt free stock. I look forward to cooking with it.