Baby Food

We believe that a love of good food starts early. Using stocks or bone broths in baby food not only helps your child develop their sense of taste, it also makes eating more healthy and enjoyable.


The Best Start to Life

Our Free Range Chicken, Grass Fed Beef and Traditional Vegetable Stocks and Free Range Chicken and Grass Fed Beef Bone Broths are the only stocks and bone broths on the market that have no added salt, no yeast extracts and no other flavour enhancers.

We also only source our chicken and beef bones from free range, pasture raised and grass fed animals. Absolutely no antibiotics or growth hormones are used and the chickens and steers are raised in natural, humane conditions.

Low Salt

Babies are super sensitive to salt. Kidney functions in babies are impaired by excessive levels of sodium, and too much salt in a baby’s diet can lead to ill-health or death. When making homemade baby food, it very important to avoid using any processed foods that could be high in sodium.The maximum recommended amount of salt for babies and small children is:

  • up to 12 months – less than 1g of salt a day
  • 1 to 3 years – 2g of salt a day

The Stock Merchant has the lowest amount of salt of any stock on the market. The sodium levels of our traditional stocks are as follows:

  • Free Range Chicken Stock – 23mg sodium per 100ml
  • Grass Fed Beef Stock – 21mg sodium per 100ml
  • Traditional Vegetable Stock – 9mg sodium per 100ml

Broth for babies?

While don't advocate bone broth as a beverage for babies, they're a great addition to homemade purees. Here's why:

Vitamin Boost

In lieu of water or milk as a liquid base for purees, broth provides a hefty dose of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. 

Broaden Palate

Familiarising your baby with flavours of vegetables, meats and herbs, is an opportunity to broaden their palate and develop healthy eating patterns that will continue into adulthood.  

Strengthen Growing Bones and Teeth

Broth contains easily-absorbable calcium and magnesium, fundamental for growing healthy teeth and bones. 

Boost Immunity, Avoid Allergies

Our Bone Broths are packed with amino acids, which are essential for strengthening the immune system. 

Which our range do we recommend? 

The following products are free of salt, and a fantastic addition to your homemade baby food. 

  • Free Range Chicken Stock
  • Free Range Chicken Bone Broth
  • Free Range Chicken Gut Health Bone Broth
  • Grass Fed Beef Stock
  • Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth
  • Grass Fed Beef Gut Health Bone Broth
  • Traditional Vegetable Stock

Recipe Ideas

For ways to incorporate stock into baby food: