Our Philosophy

We believe in real food. Our range is made the traditional way – we don’t add salt, flavour enhancers, gluten, preservatives or additives. Our aim is simple: we want to add a depth of flavour to your culinary creations while helping support free range animal farming and sustainable fishing in Australia.


We believe in real ingredients

Just as important as what goes into our products, is what stays out of it. Most commercial stocks have significant amounts of salt and other flavour enhancers like yeast extracts to boost their flavour. We believe this isn’t giving cooks a fair deal. If you removed the salt and yeast extracts and “flavours” from other stocks on the market, in most cases you would be left with flavourless, coloured (and yet still expensive) water. Stocks are truly a product where you pay for what you get.

Here's what you won't find in our stocks:

Yeast Extract

Did you know that yeast extract is actually just a super-sneaky name for MSG? Crazy, right?!
The crazier thing is that the majority of commercial stocks, broths and sauces contain it. We leave it out, for obvious reasons. 


 You know how much salt you like in your food, so we leave that step to you! We don't add any salt to our stocks whatsoever, and the sodium levels of our three traditional stocks are as follows:

Free Range Chicken Stock – 23mg sodium per 100ml
Free Range Beef Stock – 21mg sodium per 100ml
Traditional Vegetable Stock – 9mg sodium per 100ml

In fact, our stocks have the lowest sodium level of any stock on the market which makes them perfect for people on low-sodium diets. If you like eating food with a good amount of salt in it, make sure you season generously when using our broths and stocks. 


Real cooks use real ingredients. If you wouldn't keep it in your cupboard, we don't put it in our stocks.



Here's what you will find:

Sustainably sourced animal products and pristine herbs and vegetables, at least 50% of which are organic.


We believe in local farming

Everyone deserves to know where their food comes from. We source our vegetables from local Victorian markets. Our beef bones are from exclusively grass-fed, free range cattle from the pastures of Victoria and New South Wales, with no supplementary food or chemicals used. We source our chicken bones from certified free-range farmers across Victoria. Our blue swimmer crabs are sustainably harvested from Abacus Fisheries in Shark Bay, Western Australia


We believe in real people

We work closely with local producers who provide us with top-notch Australian ingredients. Here are some of their stories.


We believe in a healthy start. 

Because we don't add any salt, preservatives or flavour-enhancers, our Free-Range Chicken Stock, Grass-Fed Beef Stock, Traditional Vegetable Stocks and Bone Broths make the perfect bases for your homemade baby food. 

Using stocks and bone broths is an excellent way of adding extra nutrients to your baby's food. It's also a great way to boost flavour, introduce them to new tastes, and make eating more enjoyable. Read more about stock and baby food here.