Sticky or Crispy Beef Short Ribs in Master Stock

Braised Master Stock Short Ribs.jpg


4 people


  • 1.2kg free range, grass-fed beef short ribs (choose ribs that have a good meat to fat ratio)
  • 1 Litre The Stock Merchant Free Range Master Stock
  • 4 bunches bok choy or other Asian greens
  • Peanut oil, ginger, Sichuan chilli and garlic for the crispy version
  • Julienned spring onions for garnish
  • Bowl of steamed Jasmine rice to serve


  1. Braise the beef short ribs in Master Stock for at least two hours and up to four hours – they are done when completely tender and falling off the bone.
  2. Take the meat out of the stock and set aside. If the ribs weren’t already cut into individual portions, do so now.
  3. Reduce the remaining stock by half.
  4. For the “sticky” version, put the meat back in the reduced stock and reduce the liquid further, coating the ribs with it until very sticky.
  5. For the “crispy” version heat some peanut oil in a wok, add some ginger, garlic and Sichuan pepper and the meat. Stir-fry ribs quickly until the meat becomes crispy. You can add some of the reduced stock as well.
  6. Steam greens and rice.
  7. Serve on a platter by placing ribs on greens, drizzle Master Stock sauce on ribs and garnish with some finely cut spring onions.
  8. Serve alongside bowl of rice.

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